By Sheyla

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The Billionaire’s Gift Guide To Valentine’s Day Will Make You Say ‘WTF!’

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to show a romantic, sweet gesture to the person you love. It can be breakfast in bed or buying a favourite chocolate; the goal is to remind yourselves to be a little more loving than every other day of the year. For some couples, this date is a time to shower your partner with extravagant and lavish gifts.

Ampersand Travel is letting regular people like us know what the rich and famous are going to be giving each other. For some, it’s all about what money can buy. A nice bottle of wine is not enough when you can purchase a $195,000 bottle at the Dubai International Airport or roses just don’t cut it when you can pick out the rarest flower in the world; the Kadupul from Sri Lanka.

These glitzy gifts do not guarantee true love or a lifetime of happiness, but they certainly give an experience of a lifetime, or a Valentine’s Day to remember.

These next Valentine's gifts (fails) can never be forgiven.

Sources: matador network, Cover photo

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