By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

A TINY Piece Of Glitter Got Stuck In Her Eye… The Results Were HORRIFIC.

It's the kind of thing that most of us makeup lovers would rather not think about, but it's a risk so great that it's important to be informed -- and if you don't think it could happen to you, you're definitely going to want to read this story.

A woman named Erica Diaz found herself in a highly painful and dangerous situation after using body glitter, and all it took was one tiny piece. See what happened to Diaz below, and remember: Whenever you're putting something this close to your eye, there's always a risk.

Glitter is a huge part of many people's makeup routines, but it can cause a lot of damage. Brace yourselves: This story isn't for the faint of heart.

While wearing glittery eye makeup and tidying her home, Erica Diaz felt a piece of glitter get lodge in her eye.

Erica had to undergo emergency surgery on her eye to try and save it.

Sadly, the glitter had caused an infection, and most of her eye needed to be removed.

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