By Amanda

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This Cat Was Abandoned, But Now Sam (And His Eyebrows) Are An Internet Sensation.

He's the Grouch Marx of felines, the Eugene Levy of the Screen Kitty-Actors Guild, and has all the seductive charm of Colin Farrell...or should we say Colin Feral?

He's Sam, and his unique facial markings have made him one famous cat. His owner, Amanda Collado, found Sam in an alley next to her house. He was so lonely and scared that he allowed her to take him in, and ever since, the two have been inseparable.

When a friend pointed out that Sam's eyebrows made him look hilarious, Collado started taking pictures of him and posting them to Instagram - now, he has over 150,000 there, and around 500,000 on Facebook. Check out Sam and his glorious brows below.

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Source: Barcroft TV

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