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25 Tattoo Face Swaps That Are So Terrible They’re Actually Funny.

So many tattoos exist in the world that there is most likely at least one person walking around with just about any tattoo that you can think of. Real people, characters, animals, realistic objects, fictional objects -- you name it, there's probably a tattoo of it.

The tattoos that are most interesting, however, are portrait tattoos. When choosing a portrait tattoo, it is very important to do your research and find the right artist to do it. Why? Because portraits are not something easy to achieve, it involves very technical work and a lot of skill.

Nonetheless, people still seem to manage to trust the wrong artists and wind up with very questionable portrait tattoos of the people they supposedly idolize or love.

Every single one of the tattoos below are pretty bad but we can't help but to laugh when seeing them face-swapped with the actual photos/people they were based on. Not sure who started this trend but we're so happy they did.

#1. Jason from Friday the 13th

Did your buddy really hook you up?

#2. Ben Franklin on the one hundred dollar bill

I vote all bills should look like this.

#3. Wednesday Adams from the Adams Family

Wednesday looks like she's tired of everyone's s**t 24/7, so I would say this is pretty accurate.

#4. John Travolta

Not a face swap but the resemblance is very uncanny.

#5. Megan Fox

Is it just me or does the tattoo kind of resemble Lindsay Lohan?

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