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24 Snapchat Face Swaps That Failed So Hard They’re Actually Funny.

Snapchat has become one of the more popular apps to use on your phone. It’s pretty similar to many other chat apps and programs that you know about with one major difference. That difference is that the photos that are taken and shared are only visible for a very short time. This might lead you to believe that there wouldn’t be much evidence of what is done on the app but that’s a totally wrong thought. If it goes out on the internet someone will always be keeping a record of it.

The photos that are posted on there can also be posted on other platforms so they can last a bit longer if you want them to. One of the reasons to do this would be if you used the Face Swap feature that the app offers. It allows you to take two faces, or two items, or a face and an item, or any other combination you can come up with, and switch them around.

Doing this can lead to some very funny results and there aren’t many people around that don’t want to see them. A dog and cat face switch can have comical results as can a switch of your parent’s faces. Of course the wheel of a tire always adds a new dimension to it as well. Here are some pretty funny switches that have been shared.

#1. Those are the most beautiful blue eyes! No not on her.

#2. This swap is a more accurate depiction of Santa after 6 hours in his chair at the mall.

#3. The cat has never looked so cute!

#4. The little one sure does age quickly.

The little one sure does age quickly.

#5. The cat seems to be enjoying itself.

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