By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

Here’s The TRUTH About The Facebook App Threatening To DELETE Your Photos.

But can this really be useful to me? When you attend an event with a group of friends, there are a few issues that you could potentially run into.

Scenario 1: For one, everyone in the group might take the same photo with ten different phones. Kind of pointless, right? But everyone wants to have the photo on their phone.

Scenario 2: One person, who is usually non-responsive, takes the photo with their phone (and the photo is never sent out). Pretty lame, right? These are the issues that Moments are hoping to help solve.

An example from TechCrunch.

Here's a few friends hanging out and snapping photos. The photos are added to your Camera Roll or album, and if you have the Moments app, they're automatically synced there.

Is it private?

All the photos need to be approved by you first. You can filter out the ones you don't want to sync with friends, if at all.

How are the photos organized?

The photos are grouped based on who you're with and when the photos were taken. You can then choose which photos to sync with friends, and you can always add more photos to a specific moment.

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