By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Japanese Product Is A Perfect Gift For Your ‘Fat Faced’ Friends, And It’s Hilarious.

In Japan and across east Asia, having a thin face is a sign of beauty. In fact, women regularly do facial exercises and submit themselves to plastic surgery to achieve the look: A broad forehead, a pointy chin, and a narrow jawline to produce the effect of a heart-shaped face. And now, an exercise tool that promises to do just that has hit the market.

The Facial Fitness Pao is flexible rod and mouthpiece that is meant to be held and wobbled in your mouth while you move your head, ideally working your facial muscles. It retails for $140, but there's no sign of whether or not it actually works. Perhaps we should ask Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Rinaldo, who is inexplicably advertising the product in the video below. This one will definitely make you smile - and maybe make your face hurt a little.

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Source: MTG _CR

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