By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Photographer Demonstrates The Scary Power Of Facial Recognition Software.

Technology has opened the world up. We can find information and photos on just about every subject you can imagine. And as we become more and more absorbed with the world of social media, the more we forget and ignore just how much of ourselves we are exposing.

Putting our profiles in private settings is a false sense of security and anonymity, assuming only family and friends can see what we are up to. Russian photographer Egor Tsvetkov has taken photos of approximately 100 strangers going about their day in St. Petersburg.

His project Your Face is Big Data is both a troublesome and impressive example of the power of technology.

Tsvetkov spent six weeks photographing complete strangers in the city's subway. "The people did not react in any way, although I was quite obviously photographing them," he said.

The 21-year-old became interested in the project when he heard about the FindFace app. "I instantly knew that I wanted to convey to people how this thing will work," he explained.

The app was launched in Russia in the spring of 2016. It allows users to photograph people and have them searched and matched to their social media profiles.

As of May of 2016, over 500,000 users have signed up and three million searches have been made.

This app allows users to search a billion photographs online within less than a second. Not only does it give you the closest match, it also provides 10 people who also look similar.

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