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By Camila Villafañe

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14 Interesting Facts About Dogs That Will Make You Adore Them Even More.

Ask any dog lover, and they’ll tell you that canine companions add warmth and comfort to people’s lives. But there’s a great deal of evidence that suggests that owning a dog might actually improve your overall health too. Have you ever noticed how much better you feel when your pooch walks into a room or cuddles next to you? They’re pawsome creatures who have the ability to make a positive impact on your physical health as well as your mood. So, in honor of man’s best friend, we’re providing you with a series of fun facts that will make you love your dog even more.

#1. Kids who grow up in a household with a dog tend to become more well-adjusted adults later in life.

Studies have shown that kids develop a stronger immune system if they live with dogs. That means they won’t have to worry about a lot of allergies. But other research shows that dogs teach kids how to become responsible, happy and caring human beings. So, it’s a physical and psychological win-win!

#2. If you’re suffering from high blood pressure, adopt a dog and bring those numbers down ASAP!

Pet your dog for 15 minutes every day! This lowers your blood pressure 10% because your dog helps you release the stress hormone cortisol, as well as serotonin, prolactin, and the feel-good hormone, oxytocin. Who knew your pooch was a living breathing anti-depressant with no side-effects?

#3. Dogs can reduce stress and also help to reduce your risk of developing life-threatening heart diseases.

Dogs motivate you to go outside, take a walk, run, and roll around in the yard. This keeps you physically active, which lowers stress. But the emotional connection you feel towards your pet can also keep your anxiety in check.

Dogs can reduce stress and also help to reduce your risk of developing life-threatening heart diseases.

#4. Dogs are like four-legged therapists who will do whatever it takes to comfort someone who is upset.

Dogs have natural empathy towards people who are stressed out or crying. So, when they see someone in distress, they immediately respond. But wait for it! They don’t even have to know you personally. You could be a perfect stranger, and they’ll still rush to your side to try and lend a paw.

#5. Dogs can make you feel great, but did you know that your scent can ease a dog’s separation anxiety?

Your dog follows you everywhere! It’s like it can’t live without you, but you have to go to work, right? Well, don’t worry. To ease separation anxiety, give your dog a shirt or jacket you’ve worn. That will hold them over until you come home.

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