Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

14 Interesting Facts About Dogs That Will Make You Adore Them Even More.

#6. Dogs may not talk in their sleep, but they certainly do bark and whimper when they’re off in dreamland.

Research shows that dogs display the same brainwave patterns as humans when they sleep, which suggests they dream too. But imagine what dogs dream about? Maybe a food bowl that automatically replenishes itself or a doggy version of Freddy Krueger! That would explain the whimpering.

#7. Dogs have a sixth sense and can detect if you’re sick even before you or your doctor have a clue.

Dogs have powerful noses and can smell diseases. Researchers still aren’t sure how they do it, but they think that dogs can smell minor hormonal changes which indicate an illness. So, if your dog starts acting funny around you, you might just need a check-up.

#8. Dogs are like children, and they rely on encouragement to stay positive and avoid aggressive behavior.

Positive reinforcement during training has better results when teaching a dog how to behave. Research shows that if you use love and encouragement instead of harshness, you’ll be able to curve negative behaviors in your pooch and have a healthier relationship with them.

#9. A dog’s power isn’t only in their bark or bite, but rather their sense of smell, which is more enhanced.

They have more than three hundred million olfactory receptors, while humans only have six million. This gives them a sense of smell that is 10,000 times strong than ours. It’s why authorities depend on them to find missing persons.

#10. Dogs don’t have a sixth sense, but they are able to see in the dark, which is something we lack.

Dogs have larger pupils which allow them to see more light. This is thanks to something called a tapetum, which is located in the back of their eyes. It reflects light into the retina, which lets them perceive light in ways we can’t. It’s why they’re so useful when you’re out in the woods.

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