By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

People Are ‘Fainting’ In Front Of Their Dogs To See If They Care… Nope.

Once, an electrician wandered into my backyard without me knowing he would be there. He had come to do a quick repair on something, but hadn't called ahead to confirm his time. I was startled, to see him standing there, but I was more startled by the fact that my dog simply started licking his hand and insinuating that it was time to play.

Aren't dogs supposed more? Especially when we're in danger? In other words: Why have you made an intruder your BFF instead of protecting me?

My dog certainly doesn't see it that way, and these dogs also don't seem to mind when their owners are in peril. In the videos below you can watch dog owners faint while walking their dogs - and the dogs in various states of "not giving a damn."

Next, pets who hate bath time.

Source: Buzzfeed