Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

French Designer Constructs Gowns That Are Seriously Out Of This World.

Even the back of the dress contains elements of an actual violin.

Notice the bow sticking out of the back and the sheet music that's blended into the design.

This gown is certainly going to make more of a high pitch than a violin itself.

We'd love to see someone dancing in this dress. The tones and color would bedazzle!

If books and music aren't your thing, relax! Facon has all of your green thumbs covered.

Love gardening? Facon created a dress that would have Mother Nature knocking on her door.

Some of Facon's dresses are inspired by classic fairy-tale style illustrations like this one.

The illustration by Didier Graffet inspired this knight dress. We're getting a "Sleeping Beauty" vibe.

How about this "old town" painted dress encrusted with all sorts of laces?

This fashion masterpiece is the Hommage à Arras dress that depicts the historic French town of Arras.

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