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Most People Are Basically Good, And These Heartwarming Photos Prove It.

In the world that we live in today, it's very easy to lose one's faith in humanity. The world is filled with crime and evil-doings every single day. It can sometimes be hard to believe that good samaritans still exist on this earth, but they do!

Unfortunately, we don't hear about these kind strangers often because the media loves to focus on corruption and all that's going wrong with the world. Well, we've done the complete opposite today and have brought you a post filled with random acts of kindness.

A child was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Two classmates from her school sold lemonade and raised $65 to help pay for the cancer treatment.

The 2017 Flint graduates received a special surprise from Eminem.

The students originally thought the rapper was only there to give a speech. They later found out that they'd each be receiving a brand new set of Beats by Dre headphones from Eminem's foundation.

The 2017 Flint graduates received a special surprise from Eminem.

Jake May

The Philadelphia Zoo had to perform an emergency surgery on a pregnant gorilla.

The zoo immediately called in doctors and veterinarians to save both the lives of the mother gorilla and her new adorable baby.

Her son passed away but he saved a life because he was an organ donor.

After he passed away, she was able to hear his heartbeat again in the transplant recipient's body.

A baby was helplessly hanging for her life from a dangerously tall height.

Luckily, a foreign worker heard and spotted her just in the nick of time to climb up the building and save her.

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