Dad Uses Fake Hand To Put His Son Off Using Tools For Life.

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Fathers have been known to dress silly, put gummy worms in their child’s cereal or simply scare their offsprings by making monster noises, all for a good prank. One Aussie may have taken it a little too far with the gag he played on his son.

In the video, musician Sever is playing with his son Trey in Perth, Australia. The boy is holding a toy saw, pretending to cut his dad’s hand with it. Sever plays along faking injury and losing a limb in the process. It’s hard to not to laugh at the child’s reaction and the father’s over the top dramatic acting.

We are hoping the valuable lesson for little Trey is not to play with sharp objects but we think it got lost in translation. It’s a good thing Sever kept this clip. It will give Trey years to train and plan for his revenge.

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