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By Camila Villafañe

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Instagram Star Faked Trip To Disneyland To Prove A Point To Her Followers.

Not all of us can afford to travel all that often, or go on a mini trip to Disneyland. But when you're on Instagram and have 189,000 followers, you have to figure out a way to keep things interesting. But if you go through your albums and you can't find anything interesting to post, you can just get creative and fool your followers, like British blogger Carolyn Stritch. She posted a photo of herself walking to Sleeping Beauty's castle, but there was more to this photo than meets the eyes, and her fans were completely fooled until she decided to reveal her fabulous, but naughty little secret.

Like most bloggers, Carolyn Stritch has thousands of followers who look forward to new posts.

Stritch is the writer behind the blog, "The Slow Traveler," and her Instagram page, which boasts the same name, offers all sorts of insights on fabulous travel locations, as well as some impressive photos that have bumped up her social media following.

By looking at Stritch, you're probably thinking that she's living a picture-perfect life.

She loves taking selfies, like this one, which shows her reading on the floor at home. But she admits that sometimes she feels as though she's looking at a stranger when she looks back at the posts she uploads.

On her Instagram page, she posted a photo of herself drinking coffee while in bed with an interesting caption.

She claimed that she was turning 22 and that she was "treating myself" to a trip to Disneyland in California. Her intention was to take an amazing photo in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. So naturally, her fans were excited for her.

The following day, she posted a photo that proved that she did what she had set out to do.

She posted a photo and no one had any reason to doubt her sincerity. Even her family members thought she had indulged in this trip fit for a princess. With her inspirational quotes like "life is what you make it," everyone was happy for Stritch. But not everything on social media is what it seems.

Using FaceApp, she takes a selfie, and poof! Her old face is gone while the app does its thing.

It can take a while, but this app is doing wonders to get rid of things like bed hair, blemishes, and wrinkles. In the end, Stritch knows that she'll be a brand-new digitized woman once the process is complete.

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