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13 Thanksgiving Centerpieces That Are Guaranteed To Impress Your Guests.

Over the years, my family has gone increasingly casual with our holiday dinners. We've downgraded our beautiful dining table to a buffet spread on Thanksgiving. We grab food and plant ourselves on the couch to marathon through Christmas specials.

While there is perfectly fine to relax and indulge - we don't get to do so often - I would like to see a return to elegance during family gatherings in some way. But where to start? Centerpieces.

Centerpieces aren't at the top of the list of priorities on Thanksgiving Day, after all there is a lot of cooking to be done, but adding one can revive whatever taste has been lost over the years. It can refocus the family and remind us of the beauty and harvest of the season.

Below you'll find some of the easiest DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces that'll bring plenty of charm to your dining experience this year. The best part is that they require very little time and thought to put together.

#1. Tiered Centerpiece of China and Roses

Sometimes the most elegant centerpieces require as little work as possible. Simply use a large china plate as a base, then alternate with teacups and miniature plates as pictured. Place orange flowers on each tier and add ribbon, foliage, or fruit for that extra something.

Tiered Centerpiece of China and Roses


#2. Orange Affection

If you have some leftover pumpkins from Halloween, this idea will work great. It's easy and playful, a perfect DIY to do with children.

What You'll Need:

  • 7 pumpkins, preferably of different sizes and shades
  • 6 sunflowers (cut stems)
  • greenery (feel free to snip them from your garden)
  • optional: a few yellow mums


Place the largest pumpkin at the center of the table and add the smaller pumpkins on either end. Alternate colors. Add the sunflowers in a zig-zag fashion as pictured and fill in any significant gaps with whatever greenery and mums you have available. Trim stems as you see fit.

#3. A Bit of Light Reading

If orange clashes with your interior, try this jewel toned centerpiece. It's my personal favorite.

What You'll Need:

  • a golden or metallic centerpiece vase
  • foam form
  • grocery store flowers (Rachel of Shades of Blue Interior used seeded eucalyptus, white roses, burgundy flowers, and hydrangea)
  • edible selections: plums and blackberries
  • 2 encyclopedia-sized books


Set foam in vase and arrange flowers as desired. Snip stems whenever necessary. Slide plums and blackberries onto skewers then add to wet foam. Elevate your centerpiece with oversized books.

#4. Fall Wheat Centerpiece

Wheat makes for a subtle and symbolic centerpiece that allows your dishes the spotlight they deserve.

What You'll Need:

  • 2 bunches of wheat
  • 1 foam form
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • decorative vase or container
  • optional: jute


See video below.

#5. Bountiful

For a combination of romantic and rustic, try out this centerpiece. Though this option can get quite pricy, you can modify it with a smaller bowl.

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