By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

13 Thanksgiving Centerpieces That Are Guaranteed To Impress Your Guests.

What You'll Need:

  • several dozens of red carnations (recommended: 8)
  • wooden salad bowl


Cut stems to about 3-4 inches each or what fits your bowl best. Set a glass dish inside for water.

#6. Fall Elegance

You can trust even the clumsiest members of your family with this one. Use a bell jar or glass cloche to encase a bunch of miniature pumpkins. Add a few branches with leaves - red adds a perfect pop - for color.

Fall Elegance


#7. White Pumpkin Patch

White pumpkin centerpieces are effortlessly elegant and unique.

What You'll Need:

  • long breadboard
  • long linen towel
  • 6 white pumpkins
  • free printables made by Kristen Whitby of Ella Claire Inspired
  • thin twine
  • brown kraft card stock
  • branches with red berries and leaves


Print leaves onto kraft card stock and tie them onto pumpkins with thin twine. Feel free to make your own, especially if you're an aspiring calligrapher. Spread out linen towel along the middle of the table, then place the long breadboard on top. Line up pumpkins on the breadboard and dress it up with branches.

#8. Fall Branches in Vase

Bring fall foliage to the table by setting it in a glass vase. BHG recommends maple, oak, sweetgum, dogwood, or persimmon leaves for the brightest bouquets.

Fall Branches in Vase


#9. Jewel Toned Grape Centerpiece

A grape centerpiece will make you feel like royalty. I recommend adding a few bottles of wine for "decoration."

What You'll Need:

  • dogwood (alternative leaves OK)
  • glass bowl
  • grapes


Drape dogwood or other leaves over the edge of your bowl, then carefully place bunches of grapes to give a 'runneth over' effect . If you plan on making it an edible centerpiece, make sure to clean bunches thoroughly. Add large candles for a fuller look.

#10. Fall Pumpkins

You can do this one with your eyes shut. Make a stack of three large pumpkins and another with two miniature pumpkins. Add a glass cloche or vase and finish it off with an arrangement of leaves and grape vines.

Fall Pumpkins


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