By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

22 Fall DIY Projects That Will Add A Touch Of Coziness To Your Home.

Most people would all agree that fall is the best season. The air smells fresh and crisp, we finally get some sweet relief from the heat, and it's not yet so toe-numbingly cold that we don't want to go outside. It's also a time for some of the best holidays, like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Finally, fall is a time when DIY projects can get really creative - and really rustic.

Below are 22 awesome fall-inspired DIY projects that will have your home looking like a seasonal, cozy getaway in no time. While you're sipping hot coffee and breathing that fresh fall air, try your hand at one of these. #19 would look awesome on your mantle.

#1. Try this simple leaf and mason jar candle holder for an elegant and easy fall decoration.

#2. Collect acorns and paint them with some unexpected fall colors.

#3. Keep hands cool and soup hot with these cute bowl warmers.

#4. A wood-slice chalkboard is an excellent autumnal addition to your home.

#5. Make an awesome wreath out of preserved birch leaves.

#6. Use pieces of wood to create these rustic coasters.

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