By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

30 Reasons Why Fall Weddings Are The Absolute Best.

This set up was created by Enchanted Florist, who drew inspiration from autumn in Tennessee. Don't these yellow leaves liven up the rustic gateway perfectly?

Candles and pumpkins are great additions to outdoor weddings.

If you've got plenty of brown to work with, try to break it up a bit with pops of white, orange, and red.

Have your flower girls dress down.

You don't have to doll up your flower girls too much especially if it means that they'll feel uncomfortable for the rest of the evening. We love this easy top, hair down look. They look like princesses of the forest.

Have your flower girls dress down.

Jo-Ann Stokes

Your bridesmaids don't have to wear orange or any other traditional fall color.

Blush is a perfect way to soften up the scene. Mix and match styles but keep the same color. To glam up the party, incorporate a few sequin dresses.

It's okay to pick a neutral color for your bride tribe.

Certain colors don't work for bridesmaids. That's why it's sometimes safer to go with off-whites, beiges, or grays. Don't forget that vibrant bouquets can be used as the one accessory that completes the look.

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