By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They Didn’t House Or Send Their Daughters To School… They Did THIS Instead.

When most people get the news that they're having their first child, their mind immediately goes into stability mode: Save money, buy a house, and plan for the future. But this couple had another idea.

Genevieve Stolz and her husband always had a dream to sail the Caribbean, and instead of putting their dreams on hold for their children, they decided to include them.

The family has been sailing together since their firstborn was a baby.

They pack up, sold their things, and set out to enjoy the life of their dreams.

It's been five years, and the family has grown totally accustomed to life on the boat.

"At first we got a little bit of grief from our families as we whisked their granddaughters off to the sea," Genevieve said. "But looking at all the pictures we sent home it was beyond reproach that these girls were meant to be raised living a life less ordinary and they thrive in this environment. They are made to be beach bums.

They really do look like they were made to be by the beach, don't they?

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