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15 Actual People Who Woke Up One Day And Became (Internet) Famous.

You know their faces - hell, you've probably even shared their photos all over your own social media. They're not your friends, but they're also not strangers. They exist somewhere in between your hilarious imagination and the real world that produced them. They're Meme People, and it's about time you got to know who they really are.

Alex from Target

Alex from Target

All Alex was trying to do was his job, but after a customer snapped a picture during checkout, he became a popular meme. The image went viral after being posted on Twitter, due to the fact that many people thought it amusing that such a handsome young buck could work at Target. Behold, the power of teenage girl fandom.

Bad Luck Brian

His real name is Kyle, and we appreciate his sense of humor. The photo was uploaded by a friend, who thought Kyle's 7th grade picture was too hilarious to keep private. Now, Kyle makes YouTube videos and has an incredible amount of Internet fans.

Hipster Barista

Hipster Barista is Dustin Mattson from Atlanta. His meme got its start on Reddit, where it was quickly shared by thousands of people. In true hipster fashion, Mattson expressed distaste for the meme, saying that it was disrespectful to specialty baristas everywhere. Hipsters always take the fun out of everything.

College Freshman

This meme is probably the closes to reality. The guy is a college student named Griffin Kiritsy, and he explained how the whole thing got started on his blog:

“The story behind the picture is the worst part though. I did this interview over the phone and I thought that was the end of it, but a few weeks later the guy who set me up with the interview called and said a photographer was coming to take my picture. “No big deal” I told this guy, “I can pose for a few snapshots.” Little did I know that the fcking Picasso of photos was coming to frame me for this shot, and I ended up on Thompson Hall lawn in the middle of the day in the middle of the week. For those of you who aren’t UNH-ers, it’s like walking in the middle of Main Street during rush hour. And I was there while he took 137,000 photos. Talk about committing social suicide as a first semester freshman. Fck me."

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