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Famous Photos From History… And Where Are They Now. #1 Is Mind-Blowing.

A  picture is worth a thousand words is true, but it never tells the whole story…

“The Afghan Girl” is one of the most famous portraits the world has ever seen. Her village had just been bombed, her relatives were killed, and she had trekked through the mountains to get to the refugee camp. She appeared on the front cover of National Geographic in June of 1985. National Geographic got thousands of letters from people who wanted to send her money, some wanted to adopt her, and many wanted to marry her. National Geographic named it the most recognized photograph in their history.

17 years later, Steve McCurry decided to look for her and finally found her after a long search and several investigations. Her name is Sharbat Gula. She lives in the mountains in Tora Bora with her husband and 3 children.

On June 8. 1972, Nick Ut was taking photos outside of Trang Bang village, South Viet Nam. 9-year-old Kim Phuc was with her family when South Vietnamese planes mistook them for soldiers. She was naked from having her clothes burned off.  From left to right are: brothers Phan Thanh Tam, Phan Thanh Phouc,  Kim Phuc, and her cousins Ho Van Bon, and Ho Thi Ting.

Nick Ut and some other journalists saved Kim’s life by rushing her to the hospital and demanding treatment for her and her relatives.

Nick Ut won a Pulitzer Prize in 1973 for this photograph.

When she was a teenager, Kim Phuc was accepted to medical school but was forced to quit by the communist regime. In 1982, the prime minister of Vietnam arranged for her to study in Cuba.  In 1997, she established the Kim Phuc Foundation which provides medical and psychological assistance to child victims of war. Now she is a doctor, wife and mother of two and resides in Canada.

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