By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Adult Coloring Just Got The Upgrade You’ve Been Waiting For, And It’s Awesome.

Adult coloring books have been growing in popularity for awhile now, and an artist collective called Fancy Features has taken it to a whole new level.

The group has released a range of massive adult coloring canvasses, intended for the creative mind who wants to cover the walls of their home in their own work. They also do even bigger canvasses for group projects.

“We make poster sets that most people color alone and are commissioned to illustrate giant custom canvases that hundreds of people color together,” Maria, a Fancy Features artist, said in an interview. “We wanted to make something in between that you’ll love to color alone or that you and your guests can enjoy coloring together at your party. Once you’ve finished, you can hang your canvas straight on the wall.”

If you're in the market for a new creative pastime, check out the canvasses below.

This beautiful mandala print is just begging for some color.

The designs are intricate and amazing -- perfect for the confident artist who wants to tackle a bit of a color challenge.

It would also be amazing to introduce one of these to your guests at your next dinner party, perfect for a post-meal activity (don't forget the wine).

The best part about the canvasses is that they are totally customizable: The print is there for you, but when it comes to color, it's your choice.

And how cool are they when they're finished?

Source: Free York