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Dying Dog Was Taken On The Bucket List Adventure Of A Lifetime.

Dogs are known to be a man's best friend for a reason. Their humans provide for them with extreme care, love, and nurturing. Canines return it back with loyalty and undying love as well. Unfortunately, nothing is permanent in this world. Everything that is created has to pass on at one point or another. This is a story of a dog and her owner that will melt your heart.

The story of Todd Burchanowski and his dog Reyes!

This heartwarming story teaches us all about death and how you can never be quite prepared for it. Todd is a high school teacher from Pennsylvania and on December 3, 2015, he found out heart-wrenching news about Reyes.

“My dog and best friend, Reyes, was diagnosed with terminal cancer," he posted on Facebook.

Even though he was shattered after learning that his eight-year-old dog only had eight weeks to live, he did something exceptional. He along with his friends came up with several ideas on how to spend the little time he had left with Reyes.

To make the most of the left time with Reyes, he came up with a “Bucket List”

Todd shared on his Facebook post that "a few friends suggested that I create a 'Bucket List' with the time I have remaining with [Reyes]. Another suggested posting these completed tasks on Facebook." Todd took their advice.

Horse riding, making a snowman, and bouncing on a trampoline are some of the 81 tasks mentioned in the bucket list.

The first task they completed was sitting on a fire truck. The idea was given by Todd’s nephew Bennett. Todd initially came up 30 things to do on the bucket list. He asked for suggestions from friends and family on Facebook, making the total 81.

Some of the things Reyes did on her bucket list...

Reyes got to go horse riding, followed by a ride in a jeep with her head out of the window, followed by a beer with “Uncle Paul,” and watching the sunset with her best friend.

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