By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Fast And Easy Fashion Fixes Every Woman Should Know.

I am a huge fan of life hacks: simple solutions for common issues that annoy and frustrate us. There are few things worse than being posed with a pet peeve that ends up taking up time and energy to solve.

With that said, I have a lot of admiration for people who can use something outside of its intended purpose and help solve little problems we often face in our daily lives. I don’t think nearly as creatively as these folks. Instead of tossing something out or throwing my hands in the air and giving up, I now have solutions to problems we frequently face like how to get rid of scuff marks on my shoes or how to get rid of stuck-on gum from my clothes. Far too many times, I’ve faced these and many other problems and ended up throwing away things.

My sincerest thanks to the smart folks who have used their brains to help the rest of us.

#1. Vodka is your friend.

Pour vodka in a spray bottle with water. Spray your clothes, leave it overnight. The next day that musty smell will be gone.

#2. Make your hair appear thicker.

Mix one teaspoon of salt in a cup of water. Spray on your hair. Let it air dry. The salt will make your hair swell and appear thicker.

#3. Smelly shoes? Grab some tea bags.

Place a tea bag per shoe. Let it sit for three to four days. Take bags out and sprinkle baby powder.

#4. Suede troubles no more.

Love suede shoes but it can be a pain to keep them clean. To remove scuff marks, rub with an eraser.

#5. Get that gum out!

Put ice in a ziploc bag, place it on top of the gum stuck on your jeans. Leave it for 30 minutes or until the gum hardens. Scrape gum off.

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