By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Fast And Easy Fashion Fixes Every Woman Should Know.

#11. Underwire troubles.

Your favorite bra may be used so much that the underwire portrudes. Glue a piece of moleskin and that problem will be gone.

#12. Use your freezer for more than just food.

To stop your sweater from shedding everywhere, place it in a ziploc bag. Put the sweater in the freezer for three to four hours prior to wearing.

#13. Zipper problems.

Use a pencil, lip balm to rub a zipper that gets jammed.

#14. Use a keychain link to keep your jean zipper hidden.

#15. Give canvas shoes a longer life.

When your canvas get muddy or dirty, put them in the washing machine. Let them air dry afterwards.

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