By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch 100 Years Of Fashion In Under Three Minutes… OMG The 20’s Were Cool.

Mode is a platform for creative, fun, and inspirational stories and videos. In terms of YouTube views, their most famous work is the "100 Years of Fashion" series. "Men's Fashion" is at the top followed by "Lingerie" and "Women." They recently posted a "Gals vs. Guys" video featuring side-by-side looks of fashion trends from 1915 to present, asking viewers "Who wore it better?"

Rather than subscribing to this battle alone, I suggest asking why these changes made sense historically, observing how the outfits complement one another, and highlighting returning trends -- note, for example, how the woman's outfit in 2015 compares to the man's in 1955.

YouTube users have expressed disappointment in more recent trends -- some can be a tough pill to swallow especially after viewing a few more elegant ensembles -- while others have trashed outfits from the past, namely those seen in the 80s. What about you? Do you find yourself nostalgic for the past (if so, let us know what decade) or are you grateful for the casual clothing collections of today?

Source: Mode