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This 6-Year-Old Instagram Star Is Becoming A Style Icon In Tokyo.

If you thought you were a stylish diva, you're in for a rude awakening! There's a 6-year-old Japanese Instagram star who knows how to dress better than you, and she's putting most adults to shame. This tot certainly knows how to dress to impress, and she's breaking the stereotypical look of most 6 year olds. Now, with the help of social media, she's managed to gain a massive number of followers who are simply obsessed with this pint-sized fashion guru who balances couture, outfits, and homework in ways most adult supermodels only dreamed they could. So, the star who's dubbed herself the "Pink Princess" is sharing what it took to become the style icon she is today.

You could say that 6-year-old Coco's style was influenced by her parents.

Her family runs a vintage clothing store called Funktique, in the trendier side of the Tokyo Neighborhood, Harajuku. So, it makes sense that she would have started playing dress up at a very young age.

If you're looking for some stylish inspiration, then check out her Instagram page.

Coco_PinkPrincess is her popular Instagram account and she currently has 307k followers, who are all marveling at the little beauty with a huge taste for fashion.

Coco prefers a look that's bold and daring for someone her age.

If it doesn't have flair, she won't wear it, which is why she models a wide range of looks from punk, to puffer jackets thrown over a white button-up, to pink track pants, and so much more.

Her love for fashion started at an early age, according to her mom, Misato.

Misato claims that her daughter became interested in shopping and fashion at age 3, but swears that she was already picking out what to wear from her closet from the age of two.

It's good to have friends in high places, especially when you're such a fashion icon.

So Coco is digital BFF with Bella McFadden, a college dropout who runs a mini-empire selling interesting clothing on Depop. But to the Instagram-verse, she's known as @internetgirl.

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