By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

43 Coin Tosses + Some Crazy Science = The Weirdest Orchestra On Earth.

What can you do with your powers of concentration - and a little help from a southeast Asian energy drink? Well apparently, you can create something as epic as this.

Suntory, the company that makes the drink, created a video that shows 43 men in a laboratory tossing coins into beakers filled with colored liquid, with the hopes that the sound of the coin hitting the water will produce various tones. Here's the effect it produced, according to the YouTube page:

The video shows the coin tossing at normal speed, making it look like no extreme music is made by the clinking beakers. The video was then played into a much slower pace and revealed that the clinking of the beakers actually produces a Mozart minuet.

Hard to visualize, but totally worth watching.