By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Dad Interrupted The Wedding Dance To Give His Daughter A Hilarious Surprise.

Not all little girls like the same things. Despite what we see in magazines and on TV, every child is different. Girls are expected to love playing dolls and wearing pink. There is nothing wrong with liking glittery things but some females like getting dirty, riding their bikes, and even playing sports that are geared mostly towards boys. Jim Mikunas from Ohio is the first to admit his daughter Kandice has always done things her own way.

The proud father says Kandice hated wearing dresses and began playing flag football when she was only six years old. His offspring even wore an unconventional outfit for her first communion: she opted out off a lacy, white dress and chose a tuxedo instead. As an adult, Kandice became, "an engineer for the largest automaker in the world when she was 22," explains Jim.

For the father-daughter dance at her wedding, Jim felt they could not follow tradition. Instead, he surprised his daughter with an alternate dance. What a great dad for letting his daughter be who she wanted to be even at such an early age.

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Source: Jim Mickunas