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25 DIY Father’s Day Gifts That’ll Will Make Him Feel Special.

Get ready to devote an entire day to your father because Father's Day is this Sunday! It's a day dedicated to appreciating how much your dad has done and gifting him for all of his hard efforts.

Unfortunately, not all of us keep up with our calendars. Some of you probably forgot that Father's Day is this weekend. Are you in dire need of a last minute gift? Or maybe you don't have the funds to go all out on a lavish present? Don't worry! Surprise your dad with a sentimental handmade gift that he'll cherish just as much. Check out some of the DIY projects below to help you get started.

#1. Eyeglass Case

Does your dad wear glasses? Turn a traditional necktie into a cool eyeglass case for him!

Eyeglass Case


#2. Handmade Bookmarks

Is your dad a bookworm? Is he always reading a book during his free time? If so, you should gift him with these handmade bookmarks. You can cut out old childhood photos of yourself or your siblings.

Handmade Bookmarks

#3. DIY Watch Stand

Does your dad have a hefty watch collection? If so, you should try putting together this hip stand. He can place his favorite and most worn watches onto it. It'll look great on his bedside table!

#4. Sofa Caddy

Get some fabric together to sew this handy sofa caddy that'll be a great addition to any man cave or living room. Finally, a place for all the remote controls!

#5. Cufflink Carrier

Every grown man has a pair of cufflinks for those special occasions. Transform a tin into a carrier for your dad's cufflinks.

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