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People Answered The Question: What Are The Best And Worst Feelings In The World?

Someone on Quora posted the question: what are the best and worst feelings in the world? Here were some of the replies.

Best feeling: Lying on your back with a baby on your chest. Around 6 weeks of age when they look at you and SMILE. And it’s YOU. When your child says something wonderful. Could be little or big. My older son once said to me: “Dad?” “Yeah?” “I’m lucky you’re my parents” and I said “Thank you. I’m lucky you’re my child”

My yonger son once said to his mom: “Mommy, I love you. And I’ll always love you. And even when I get mad and say I hate you, I still love you”.

Worst feeling: Losing a child. We were at the end stages of the process of adopting a newborn baby. Then plans fell through.

Watching a child of yours die must be even worse. - Peter Flom

Best feeling: The photo above.

Worst feeling: Eight years later, when she said “I don’t want to do this any more. I love him. I want a divorce.” - Geoffrey Walton

Best feeling: Knowing that exams would end tomorrow

Worst feeling: Knowing that exams would start tomorrow - Kevin Sn

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