Her Photo Album Is The Most Thought-Provoking Weirdness I’ve Ever Seen.

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We have all grown up with photos of our ancestors around our house. It is fascinating to look at the pictures and imagine their personalities, likes and dislikes, their history. Staring at the photos and trying to connect the dots that ends at you is hard to imagine.

Photographer Christine McConnell has connected the dots of seven generations of women in her family. Her creative approach was to take the old photographs and replicate them with her as the model. She recreated the photos by sewing the historical clothes, makeup, hairstyles and even lighting.

Based out of Los Angeles, McConnell travelled as far back as 200 years ago beginning with her great-great-great-grandmother Martha. When completed, McConnell looked at the photos and discovered that she was able to see a little bit of herself in each image.

More of this creative shutterbug’s work can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Great-great-great-grandmother Martha, born 1821.

Great-great-grandmother Jane, born 1858.

Great-grandmother Attie Mae , born 1898.

Grandmother Mildred , born 1928.

Mother Kathryn, born 1957

Christine McConnell, born 1981.

Christine McConnell gets cheeky as her depiction of future daughter Trigger, born TBD.

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