By Sheyla

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20 Problems Every Man Faces Living With A Woman… He HATES #12.

When moving in with a new roommate, expect to learn a few things about that person. In public, that individual may be put together perfectly and be totally cool and relaxed. Living together, however, changes everything.

Men seem to get a huge awakening when they start living with a female roomie. Sure, women for the most part tend to be cleaner and easier to get along with than other guys. Having said that, there are quite a few things that for better or for worse come with living with the female species. I am 100% guilty of #10.

#1. You'll find hair everywhere.

Get used to finding hair all over the place. Women will brush there hair just about anywhere.

You'll find hair everywhere.

#2. Bathroom cabinet space.

Your bathroom will become hers. There will never be enough counter space.

Bathroom cabinet space.

#3. Toilet paper shortage.

Women use a lot of toilet paper. You'll wonder what they do with all that paper. No one knows for sure. Just buy three times as much as you normally do for yourself.

Toilet paper shortage.

#4. Bras and underwear.

They like to hang their bras on things. Sometimes your own clothes will be underneath bras and underwear.

Bras and underwear.

#5. Hair accessories left everywhere.

This is how they mark their territory.

Hair accessories left everywhere.

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