By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

22 Painful Truths About Being A Woman That Will Make You Laugh.

Being a woman in the world is a lot more work than people give us credit for. It's not just the serious issues we contend with, like violence or workplace sexism or unequal pay -- those are definitely important and need to be addressed, but for most of us, they don't come up as often as the day-to-day stuff.

Montreal-based artist Cassandra is one woman who understands the day-to-day struggle of being a lady trying to get by, and she makes hilarious cartoons to pay homage to all things woman. She focuses on things like beauty, diets, dating, and other people's babies, and each one of her frames is more relatable than the last.

She publishes everything on her Tumblr page, and if you're just a girl trying to get by in this world, you're going to love everything she creates. See them below -- if you've ever attempted a beauty tutorial before, #17 is just too real.

Source: c-cassandra.tumblr

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