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14 Basic Feng Shui Tips That Will Totally Transform Your Living Space.

Feng shui, which translates as wind-water, is the ancient Chinese art of positioning everything from objects to communities to maximize Chi, or universal energy. This includes the energy found within our bodies as well as the interiors and exteriors of buildings.

According to feng shui expert, Rodika Tchi, Chi is manifested in yin yang characteristics, or the idea that our universe is made up of two opposing yet deeply interconnected forces of Yin and Yang. It is important to identify sources of imbalance and create once again the right amount for those that occupy a particular space and also for the space's original purpose. For example, a bedroom should be a place of rest and not of entertainment - at least not of electronic entertainment anyway - and there are specific feng shui guidelines you can follow to ensure this.

But what's the point? The point is much simpler than it sounds and much deeper than interior decorating trends imply. Some of us invite bad energy into our lives, stress and tension for example, without even knowing it.

By incorporating good feng shui into the way we organize and design, we activate clear, strong, and positive energies in our homes, businesses, and well-being. It's not about magic or religion; it's about intention.

For those of you who are curious or just beginning, I recommend starting slow. If you skip ahead to more complex levels, you may get frustrated, which isn't very 'feng shui,' is it? Listed below are some of the basics. Keep in mind that because feng shui is a very personalized practice, not all of these may apply to you.

#1. Clear away the clutter for good.

This sounds like common sense, but so many of us have yet to apply it. Though it may take some time and energy to clear whatever clutter you might have, you can save more of both in the long run by taking the initiative now.

You can sort your clutter by using a three box system.

Box #1: Things you need

Box #2: Things you don't need

Box #3: To be determined

After sorting your items, designate a purposeful place for the things you will keep and donate or toss whatever you don't. Energy will flow freely after you've completed this process.

#2. If you're not going to fix it now, toss it. Broken things impede vitality.

#3. Clean your windows not only as a chore but to bring clarity to your space and the self.

#4. Bad Entrance Cure

If your front door opens up to a wall, hang a photograph or painting of a pathway. This will extend the limits of the house.

#5. Bed Placement

Toshi Kasai, a feng shui consultant and architect, recommends placing your bed diagonally opposite the door as pictured. It's important to avoid pointing your feet directly the entrance. In Chinese tradition, the dead are carried out feet first from the bedroom.

Others find this reason outdated but still consider this placement bad due to the unsettling rush of incoming energy at the door. You should create a nourishing, relaxing, and sensual energy in the bedroom, according to Tchi.

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