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14 Basic Feng Shui Tips That Will Totally Transform Your Living Space.

#6. Desk Placement

According to R.D. Chin, feng shui master and architect, you should place your desk in an empowered position, a place where you can see the entrance from where you are sitting. This enables you to see and think more clearly. Do try to avoid facing a wall as this can stump your creativity and ability to concentrate.

#7. Black Stove Cure

Black stoves are bad feng shui because black represents water. You want to retain the element of fire on your stove. To do this, place a red tea kettle on the top of your stove.

#8. Sink Opposite Stove Cure

If your sink is opposite the stove, place a green piece of paper in your sink cabinet to diffuse the energy from the water toward the stove. Some people choose to purchase decorative and expensive cures, but there are many perfectly good and inexpensive ways like this one to counteract bad energy and blockages.

Sink Opposite Stove Cure

Saban Brands

#9. Crystal Ball Placement

According to feng shui author Erica Sofrina, crystal balls are considered to be 'feng shui aspirin' due to their potential to cure parts of the home that may be out of balance.

Placement of crystal balls around the home will depend on its bagua, or feng shui energy map. However, one common location is by your window as long as there is no clutter there. With help from the sun's rays, the crystal ball can spread positive energy throughout the home.

#10. Light UP your life with upward facing light fixtures.

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