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12 Feng Shui Tips To Improve Relationships. We Should All Start With #9.

Many people look to feng shui for matters of the heart, and it is not out of desperation. Feng shui is about channeling the right energies into your life, being more thoughtful in all that you do, and making deeper connections.

We've compiled a list of love advice based on the research and experience of feng shui experts Ellen Whitehurst (#1-6) and Jennifer Elizabeth Masters (#7-12). On separate platforms, the two women have introduced ways to improve your love life no matter where you are. There's something for those of you just getting started, those hoping to turn things up in the bedroom, and even those who are looking to mend broken relationships.

You should not look to feng shui as the sole answer to your problems but rather as a supplement to other healthy relationship practices. If you would like to try these out, remember that it is about more than just the motions. Put your intentions in it, too.

#1. Take your desires down on paper.

In feng shui, if you strongly and clearly state your desires, it will be easier for the universe to bring them to you. Using red ink and white paper, jot down a list of qualities you would like in a partner.

Once you’ve finished, place your list and an image of two peonies in a small silver box. Set the box in the relationship area of your bedroom according to the bagua map for 49 days. Your love life will begin to unfold.

#2. Gain clarity.

Harmonious relationships develop as a result of crystal-clear communication. To facilitate clarity between you and your partner, fill a small bowl with uncooked rice and top it off with a shake of sea salt. Rice and salt are known to absorb negative energy. Place three clear crystals onto the salt in the shape of a triangle, then set the bowl under your bed for nine to 49 days. Doing so will invoke positive energies and improve communication.

#3. Get steamy.

Adorn your room with the color red. Red is associated with fire and that’s exactly what you want. Red curtains or drapes will help to remove any barriers that have been keeping the energy stale between you and your partner, but red sheets can jump start your sex life more quickly.

If you would like to try another feng shui cure, add two drops of the multi-beneficial ylang-ylang essential oil into a bowl of steaming water. Proceed by rubbing a drop or two onto your neck or add a bit onto your pillowcase.

Get steamy.


#4. Is your relationship on the rocks?

For this cure, you will need four small rectangular mirrors -- make sure that they match in size and shape – some adhesive, and red ribbon.

Mirror 1: Attach a photo of yourself –- one in which you are smiling and alone –- onto the back of the mirror.

Mirror 2: Do the same with a photo of your partner.

Attach the Mirrors 3 and 4, the two without photos, to one another with the reflective sides facing outward. These will act as mediators, helping couples see both sides.

Then, take Mirrors 1 and 2 and have each of them face one of the center mirrors.

Next, wind red ribbon around the mirrors 99 times and place the bundle between your mattress and box spring around the area where your heart lies.

On Day 7, contact the person with whom you would like to reconnect. You will be delighted to find them greeting you warmly.

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