By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Adopted A Dying Dog, Now She’s Filling His Final Days With Happiness.

When the people we love fall ill, we do everything in our power to make them comfortable, especially as they head into their final weeks and months. However, would we think to do the same for our animal friends?

One woman from Georgia, Nicole Elliot, decided to do just that. She recently adopted Chester, a cancer-ridden pooch, from Animal Ark Rescue in her home state. According to Elliot, when she saw that Chester required hospice care, she had no choice but to take him in and make his final days as joyful as possible. Looking at these photographs, it's clear that she succeeded.

Chester was diagnosed with serious cancer, and he doesn't have long to live.

That didn't stop Nicole Eliot from attempting to fill the rest of his short life with love.

When she adopted him from the shelter, he got spruced up to begin the final stages of his life.

Now,he lives with Eliot and her family.

According to Eliot, Chester loves to ride in the car on the center console, because it "makes him feel like a king."

Eliot has tried to spoil Chester as much as possible - just look at all those treats!

He even got to try one of Nathan's famous hotdogs.

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