By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Weird ‘Treasures’ People Have Found Hidden In Their Homes.

#6. Two small containers were found hidden in the basement ceiling.

The containers held old newspapers and $45,000 in total.

#7. Linoleum doesn't always have to be hideous.

This futuristic design was found underneath after the carpet was pulled off.

Linoleum doesn't always have to be hideous.

#8. Some people are hardcore fans of Monopoly.

After pulling up old carpet these homeowners found a full-sized Monopoly floor. Wonder if the tokens were ever found.

#9. This family found an old photo of a baby.

What was disturbing was that the creepy smile and filled-black eyes.

#10. A couple moved into the family's state home.

They were shocked to discover a servant's kitchen that was fully stocked. The kitchen had been hidden for years by junk in the home's basement.

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