By Keith

LifeBuzz Staff

She Uses A Very Unusual Technique To ‘Paint’ These Works Of Art. Wait Till You Find Out Why.

Artist Judith Braun started her professional art career in the 1980's. She started as a realistic figure painter. In the 1990's, she started mixing art with politics and her paintings started to include language and text. In 1995, her life and her art career had bottomed out. She left the professional art world for eight years.

In 2004, she came back to art with three basic rules: her art must involve symmetry, abstraction and use a carbon medium. This started her work with graphite. She felt if she used her fingers to draw with, she could use the symmetry of her body to create some spectacular pieces and still stay within her three basic rules. Below are pictures of some of her present work. A lot of thought goes into each stroke based on the shape of each finger and its specific pressure. Some of the drawings are done with one finger from the same hand and others are done with many fingers from both hands. She has taken finger painting to a new level. Enjoy!

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