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24 Finger Tattoo Ideas That It’s Impossible Not To Love.

Choosing to get a tattoo is a big decision as it is something you'll carry with you for the rest of your life (unless of course you decide to go through the expensive and painful removal surgery). It's permanent. With that said, the most important part is deciding what your tattoo will be of. The second most important part is where you want the tattoo to be on your body. Tattoo placement determines how often your ink is exposed, seen. It determines whether it's the first thing a person sees when they see you or the last thing a person will see if you let them.

Committing to a finger tattoo is huge, as the tattoo is placed somewhere that will be seen often and exposed everyday (unless you wear gloves everyday). Some people might even think of finger tattoos as dirty, making the person look like a scoundrel. But who says finger tattoos can't look elegant? Who says they can't look nice and subtle? Who says they can't look badass in a good way?

Take a look at some of the finger tattoos below that may or may not change your perception on them.

#1. Decorative Designs

Of course, finger tattoos don't necessairly have to symbolize anything. They can also be decor.

#2. Planet and Spaceship

Maybe you believe in aliens. Maybe you just love outer space. These paired tattoos would look great on your fingers.

Planet and Spaceship

#3. Carbon

For anyone who's into chemistry and science. They can get this or any other element.


#4. Darling

Just one simple word in cursive would also go nicely on the finger.


#5. Kangaroo

A jumping kangaroo for anyone from Australia or loves traveling there.


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