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This Cranky Dog Hates Being Flipped Off, And His Reaction Is Hilarious.

The middle finger has a long and interesting history as a phallic symbol and of counterculture, among other meanings. Today, it is considered one of the quickest and rudest ways to directly offend another person. Many of us consider it the same as telling someone "F*ck you."

If you've ever been flipped off, it's not a good feeling, and if you've ever been the offender, it was probably because you were extremely pissed off (or perhaps you're just really immature). It seems to happen quite often in traffic situations and at sporting events.

Turns out that humans aren't the only ones offended by it. A small dog called Joey is outraged whenever his owner gives him the finger. From these short video clips, it's hard to tell who should be trained, the owner or the dog! Either way, it seems like it's all in good fun... or at least we hope so.

Joey, a long haired chihuahua, is really offended by the middle finger.

He keeps trying to scold his owner, but it looks like there's no stopping anytime soon!

The video was posted on reddit and has since gone viral. Many viewers were amused by Joey's response, they say it's like a human's, while others worry about the owner's safety and training skills. What do you think?

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Source: joeyandhishuman/Instagram

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