By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Snow-Loving Dog Got The Best Surprise EVER… He’ll Never Get Tired Of This.

It is really tough being small and cute. Having to deal with things that are always bigger and out of reach can be frustrating when trying to get through life. During the snowfall in the East Coast many areas received more snow than expected, making mobility a challenge.

For a tiny pup named Finn the foot of snow in Great Neck, New York was too much for him to get around. His human decided to build a maze for him so he could still get some fresh air and exercise outside. Based on Finn's reaction, it's clear the canine is happy with the new construction in his backyard.

After watching how much fun Finn was having, you almost wish more snow fell so a human-size maze can be built for us to enjoy. We said, almost.

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Source: crossfirebob