Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Gave Up City Life To Live Off The Grid In The Finnish Wilderness.

Some people spend their lives trying to make money, buy nice houses, and drive fancy cars. They hold value in how much they spend on something, or if they're following the latest fashion trend. Other people live an entirely different lifestyle. They choose to go off-grid and live in the solitude of nature. These people don't desire material possessions and receive their happiness from their surroundings. Tinja Myllykangas, of Finland, is one of those people. She gave up city life to move to the wilderness; where she lives a quite peacefully, living off of the land, and taking care of her animals.

Photographer Brice Portolano visited Tinja in the frozen arctic of Finland.

He was doing a visual project on people that live away from any kind of society. Tinja lives a life that is about as off the grid as you can get.

Giving up her studies, Tinja decided to pack it up and move to the wilderness of Lapland, Finland.

Being 180 miles from any other human, she found a place of solitude. A place where she can find peace.

Tinja lives a very simple life.

A life that she absolutely enjoys living. Her home has no running water and no electricity.

So, that means Tiinja has to do things the hard way.

Every morning, she has to break the ice covering the river in order to get water. She cooks on an open fire and has to use candles to give her home light.

Although it's rough, there are no complaints coming from Tinja.

"The chores never feel like a burden. This is a way of life I chose for myself," she told Portolano.

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