Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Gave Up City Life To Live Off The Grid In The Finnish Wilderness.

Along with her everyday chores, Tinja loves, and takes care of, her animals.

She has an incredible amount of companionship. In her care are 85 dogs and several horses.

She finds happiness in tending to her furry friends.

She enjoys feeding them, exercising them, and even cleaning up their cages. She gets to know each animal individually, in order to strengthen her bond with them.

Tinja has made a living off of doing what she loves.

People visit from all over to stay with Tinja and her wolf pack. She offers dog sledding tours to those that want to experience the Arctic life.

Tinja takes adventurous customers on Arctic safaris.

The customers decide how long the safari goes for. Whether it's for a day, or a week, Tinja enjoys the time spent out with her dogs.

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