By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Retired Firefighter Meets The Boy He Saved 46 Years Ago, The Last Photo Choked Me Up.

46 years ago, Buffalo firefighter responded to a raging house fire with the rest of his team. After assessing the situation, Fildes learned there was a boy and a girl inside.

Bravely, Fildes entered the burning home to find them. He managed to locate the four-year-old boy. He was badly burned, but thanks to Fildes, he made it out alive.

Now, over four decades later, the pair were reunited. The boy is now a 50-year-old man named Patrick Weatherspoon. He has a wife, a daughter, and a wonderful life. If it weren't for Fildes, all of that would have been lost. The now-retired firefighter and the boy he saved had an emotional reunion recently. Here are some heartbreaking - and inspiring- photos from their meeting.

This special mask used by firefighters can help save lives.

Source: Buffalo News