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By Scott Stevens

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They Started Stacking Firewood, When They Were Finished I Had To Look Twice.

A giant hog you'd want to avoid.

This is something you may not want to come across in the woods. It may be a bit scary until you figure out what it is. Look how the designer used the colors perfectly to create this great piece of work.

A perfect circle.

This perfect circle makes you wonder where you should grab the first piece of firewood from that's needed. Pulling the wrong one could bring it crashing down.

Very cool old style tribute.

This beautiful design looks like something from the wild west way back in the day. It's very well done and probably took a ton of time to get it just right.

Very cool old style tribute.

Giant fish out of water.

Bjare Granli loves fishing. This design that he built in Drevsjo, Norway, verifies that his love for the sport is strong. He did a great job.

Always on watch.

This wood pile comes complete with its own security detail. See how the perfectly placed pieces of wood create this awesome look.

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