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21 Touching (First And Last) Photos Of Pets… #17 Brought Back Happy Memories For Me.

The bond between an animal and its owner is a difficult one to explain and tough to appropriately capture the magnitude of. It’s funny how furry little critters can have such an impact on our lives. They are our non-judgemental friends, our life-long companions, our shoulder to lean on in tough times and the source of constant unconditional love.

It’s not hard to understand the strong sense of sadness and loss when those furry friends pass away. It really is like losing a member of the family, especially when that animal has been a part of our lives for years.

In this post, is a collection of pictures taken by pet owners who have lost their animal friends. The photos capture the first photo of their four-legged pals and their last. This is a touching tribute to those lovable animals who have shared their lives with us and whose company will be missed dearly.

"Our beautiful bossy Cassie died suddenly 3 years ago today. We still miss her."

"My dog passed away yesterday, these are the first and last pics of her ..."

"Here's the first and the last pictures we ever took of our old dog, 16 years apart."

"We had to put down Simba today. Here's the first picture I took of him and one of the last."

"She's been my best friend for SIXTEEN YEARS, and today, she sadly passed away from a stroke. I love this dog, and I miss her dearly."

"First picture ever taken of us on the left, last ever on the right :("

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