Watch The Emotional Moment Two Brothers See Color For The FIRST Time.

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It’s hard to imagine a life without colour. We tend to take for granted the little things that make life so full shades and hues. Brothers Jimmy and Jace Papenhausen were born colour blind. They cannot tell the difference between red, green, and orange. That all changed when their parents bought them the EnChroma glasses which allows them to distinguish colours and see them as vibrant as they are intended to be.

Jimmy was the first to have a turn wearing the glasses. To ensure their experience was in full colour, their dad and brother held a bouquet of balloons and a multi-colour towel in front of them. It is estimated that 10% of the population is colour blind, it is more common in men.

The glasses are made with a special lens that filters out certain lights, allowing for the colour to be saturated. Take a look at the video when these two brothers get to see the world for the first time like they have never seen it before.

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